Why I'm Blogging

I · November 30, 2020

I figure I might as well write a post about why I’m starting a blog. Here are the reasons:

Motivation to Get My Thoughts Out

I’ve got ideas and thoughts rattling around in my head that I’d like to express somehow, but I don’t really feel motivated to write them down in a journal. A blog, on the other hand, feels like it might be worth doing since other people might benefit from reading them. It feels like less of a waste of time that way.


I’d like to develop my writing ability, and writing a blog should give me lots of practice.


A kind of combination of the first two points: it would be nice to have a record of my thoughts since I may want to repurpose them for some other use in the future. Realizing I can always come back and improve posts or do something else with them makes it easier to just get stuff out there without worrying about making it perfect.

Additionally, it will provide insight into how my ideas and opinions change over time. I’ve heard that people change more than they expect to. It would be nice to have a more concrete record of this.


If I get around to setting up comments, it will be useful to see what other people think about my ideas. This could be a way to make sure I’m not missing some huge flaw in my reasoning. It might also be nice to learn that others agree with me ;p

Interact with Like-Minded Individuals

If anybody actually ends up reading this, it could be a way to get in touch with people have similar thought processes. Who knows what kind of collaborations that might lead to.

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