Intro to the Winter Farmhouse

I · December 23, 2020

I’ve got some plans lined up for this winter that I’m excited to share.

I found a farmhouse for rent a few hours north of where I live, and I’m going to be staying there for up to 2 months.

Some features of the place that I’m excited about:

  • it’s on double-digit acres of land
  • it’s heated by a wood stove
  • it backs onto a river
  • it’s remote and quiet
  • it has Internet access
  • it’s over a century old

I’ve always fantasized about living in a cabin in the woods, and this is a chance to experiment with that sort of lifestyle. This location in particular gives me the chance to try without having to make any big commitments as I’m only renting and I’m still able to do my normal job during the day over the Internet.

Some Things I’m Looking Forward To

Experimenting with More Solitude

Solitude is something I dream about sometimes. I’m fascinated by stories of monks and hermits who live alone in the mountains and woods. At the same time, I think there’s a real possibility that it could be a downer for me if I experience it for too long.

I will still be in contact with people for work and over the phone, but it will nonetheless be a change from my current living situation.

Experimenting with a More Rustic Life in Nature

Even more appealing to me than solitude is simplicity in nature. I have found camping to be enjoyable, so I figure living in a small house in nature with a constant campfire (wood stove) might be enjoyable in a somewhat similar way. This undertaking is sort of my “Walden for babies.”

Experimenting with Reducing Artificial Light

The last time I went camping, I forgot to bring a flashlight (a big oversight, I know). Thus, I was without artificial light (besides fire) for two weeks. This meant I would get tired around when the sun set and wake up when the sun rose. I found it much easier to fall asleep than I normally do. I admit that part of this effect must have been due to the fact that I was canoeing and portaging all day. Regardless, I think that light probably has a substantial effect on our circadian rhythms and I’d like to try experimenting with it more.

A Wood Stove

Like seriously, how cool is that? I’ve never used one beyond starting a short-lived fire in an outdoor sauna. I can’t wait to be keeping a fire going constantly as my main source of heat.

Exploring the Local Area by Snowshoe and Cross-Country Ski

The house I’m renting comes with a decent amount of land to explore, but even more interesting is the fact that it backs onto a river. I’m hoping this river will freeze, turning into a trail that provides me with the ability to explore the area via its waterways. It connects to some pretty big lakes, so in theory I could go all kinds of places, provided it’s cold enough for things to freeze sufficiently.


This wouldn’t have been possible without COVID-19, since my current job wouldn’t have been remote otherwise. I just want to say how grateful I am that this is the effect COVID had on me rather than taking away a loved one or my job like it did for so many other people.

I’m looking forward to posting more about the experience once I get there. Have you ever done something like this? I’d love to read about it in the comments below.

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